Buying a Traditional Dirndl Outfit for Oktoberfest



Oktoberfest is an important segment of Bavarian culture and it is held in Munich, Germany for 16 to 18 days at the fairgrounds often called Wiesn, or the Theresa Meadows. The festival of the Bavarian rural folks has been celebrated since 1810, and you could participate this year by donning a traditional Oktoberfest dirndl.

This simple dress is the soul of the women's representation in the celebrations and you can purchase one from a store that has its roots in Germany. Otherwise you can order a dirndl dress online which will either be imported from Bavaria or handmade by experts of traditional German clothing crafts.

This simple peasant dress is so famous that people from all over throng online to order them so they can attend the Munich Festival. If you are a foreigner, checking the authenticity of the source from where you are getting it is very important. You can check whether the German outfit you are ordering has all the traditional folk elements attached to the dirndl dress.

Choose from colorful dirndl dresses with an apron and blouse, and pick the length of dress that suits you best. A traditional German dirndl is called a midi, which sits right below the knee. The other two options are mini and full length.


Mini dirndls are more popular with the younger generations attending Oktoberfest. Whatever type you choose it is important that you wear a traditional dirndl outfit to fully immerse yourself into the rich culture that Germany and the Oktoberfest has to offer.